How many years of 911 service do you have?

I started in 911 in 1998.  I had a short 2.5 year break since that time.  I have been a dispatcher, training dispatcher, 1st Manager of a Countywide Consolidation and returned where I started as the Operations Manager.  

Where have you taught?

I previously worked for a national training provider where I taught in Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee and Utah.  In 2018 I taught several classes in Iowa. 

I will be teaching in Dublin, Ireland, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa and  Nebraska and many other locations in 2019.  

What Is Your Teaching Style?

I truly believe people that attend should have fun while learning.  My goal is to ensure everyone leaves feeling energized and that they have a few tools to use in their 911 job.  

What Certifications Do You Have?

NENA Emergency Number Professional (ENP)

Iowa APCO President 2015-2018.

Certified in EMD, EFD, EPD and Quality Assurance in all 3 disciplines

FBI Instructor Certified

John Maxwell Team Speaker

Are You On Social Media?

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