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Training that adds value to the THIN GOLD LINE.  Training for 911 dispatchers and the public safety personnel we dispatch for.  

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Joe has over 17 years experience in 911 emergency communications.  Over the course of the 17 years Joe has been a dispatcher, Manager for a countywide consolidation and is currently employed at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Police Department as the Operations Manager.  

Joe is a certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP) and is also certified in Emergency Medical, Police and Fire Dispatch through the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch.  

Joe is a certified John Maxwell Team speaker and incorporates some of the best personal development and leadership material into his classes.  



Gold Line Success (4 hour presentation)

Everyone Communicates--911 Needs to Connect (4 hour presentation)

Leadership Game--2 hour Leadership Training to improve communication at any agency.  

Thank You


Thank you to all 911 emergency dispatchers.  All of you are dedicated and committed professionals that are making a difference.  911 Gold Line Training says thank you to everyone that makes up the Thin Gold Line.  

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