About Us

Meet the Instructor

 Joe has over 16 years experience in the 911 emergency communications field.  Over the course of the 16 years Joe has been a dispatcher, Manager for a countywide consolidation and is currently the Operations Manager for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Joint Communications Agency.

Joe is a certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP) and is also certified in Emergency Medical, Police and Fire Dispatch through the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch.

Previously, Joe taught nationally for a 911 training organization for just over four years.  Currently, Joe is serving as the Iowa APCO President.

Joe is also certified as a John Maxwell Team speaker as well, and he is able to blend some of the best material on personal development and leadership into each class.

Mission Statement

Adding value to 911 emergency personnel so they may add value to themselves, as well as the responders and citizens they dispatch for.

Core Values

Integrity–doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.

Humor–our training relies on years of experience and additional certifications, and brings the best material to ensure your learning experience is a fun one.

Passion–loving what you do and wanting to add value to others.